About Us

Gluten Free Baking MixesWe come from a large family and it has always been a family tradition to gather around the table and enjoy great food. Our favorite parts of the family meal are the antipasto and the dessert table or as we refer to it, the Viennese table.  With this is mind, we started Sugar & Spice Market. Our goal was to ensure that everyone enjoyed themselves around the table, including those who lived gluten free.To provide exceptional results, we worked diligently to create gluten free flour that would mimic wheat flour in both flavor and texture.  Our goal was to create a product of which no one could taste the difference. Not only are our products gluten free, but they are also free of the most common food allergens (dairy free, soy free, wheat free, and nut free).

Realizing we were on to something important, not just for our family and friends, but for the whole gluten free community, we have developed a suite of  gluten free products for your convenience and enjoyment. We knew we could not compromise on flavor, and neither should you!!

Gluten Free BrowniesIt is no longer necessary to prepare separate recipes to accommodate different dietary needs. Using our exceptional gluten free flour, all can come together and enjoy the same meal. Sugar and Spice Market gluten free flour provides the texture, taste, moistness and shelf life that gluten free products typically lack. It works great in both baking and cooking and is the superb substitute to wheat flour that will not leave a bad after taste, or grainy texture like other gluten free flour alternatives.

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