FDA & Gluten Free Food Labeling

Certified Gluten Free with the GFCOBeginning August 5th, 2014, all manufacturers claiming “gluten free” on their packaging must meet standard requirements set by the FDA.  These requirements were finalized in August 2013 and companies using gluten free labeling were given one year to comply or remove any “gluten free” labeling from their product packages.  According to the guideline, a “gluten free” labeled product must contain less than 20ppm of gluten.

Does Sugar & Spice Market meet this requirement?  – ABSOLUTELY and better!! – Our gluten free products met the requirement for labeling before it was declared a requirement by the FDA.  Since our beginnings, it has been our endeavor to provide the best tasting gluten free flour and baking mixes that are safe for those who cannot consume gluten.  Gluten Free Baking MixesWe have worked very carefully to produce superior products.  Our gluten free baking mixes and all purpose flour are manufactured in a dedicated gluten free facility and we are certified gluten free with the GFCO which actually requires a stricter standard than the FDA guidelines.

For more information on the FDA guidelines for “gluten free” labeling click here.

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