Commercial Account Information

We welcome large and small, retail and commercial food-service accounts.


FOOD SERVICE: Our all purpose flour and our pancake/waffle mix are available in large sized bags for restaurants, bakeries, and in bulk for commercial bakeries and food manufacturing.  For restaurants, our products are a great addition to menu’s, particularly our gluten free pancake/waffle mix. We supply cafe’s, diners, and any small or large restaurants.

RETAIL: Our line of retail pouches includes, sugar cookie mix, brownie mix, cake mixes in addition to our pancake/waffle mix and all purpose flour. Our packages are attractive and colorful, and stand at just 9″ tall, fitting easily on the store shelves.

The gluten free industry is expanding. Customers have come to expect gluten free options. If you are considering adding gluten free to your service, give us a a call. We will work with you to meet your needs.  Our distribution network includes SYSCO and GFS food service distributors and UNFI and Destiny Organics retail distributors and we also distribute directly!

If you are interested in learning more about a commercial account for your food-service needs, please call at (404) 855-0793 or email us at  

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